Smart Home Builders

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Improving the World by Developing and Bringing Intuitive Intelligence to Everyday Living Home Technologies

Our Philosophy: Smart yet Simple. 

We Design Custom Smart-Home Upgrade packages for Luxury Properties.

Malibu Smart Remodel 4,500 SF Addition with dramatic waterfalls, solar, off-grid capable and highly energy efficient and green, leaving a minimum footprint.

We believe that while many developers are using some smart products in their remodels, they are missing the opportunity to connect the available technologies to create a totally unique, immersive and personal home experience.

We aim to develop cutting edge technologies for smart-home use applications.

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Malibu Smart Home Front-side “Night view”

Imagine a home that utilized artificial technology that responded to your every need and preference.

Knows who you are, what you like, can read your mood via detection of micro-expressions and facial cues to your thoughts!

Good morning “would you like me to turn on the shower” “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Want me to open to doggy door to the backyard?”

A real life personal assistant built-into your home.

“Hi sir(miss) you look sad, would you like your favorite sandwich or beverage?”

Smart living spaces that are fully automated and personal to your preferences!

Instead of keeping track of some super tablet with your life connected to it, wouldn’t it be better if you were always connected to your home and its devices? 

That’s a smart home in our opinion. Smart should make life easier.

State-of-the-art 2,500 SF “Smart Pool”
Malibu Smart Home addition features “never before seen” AI tech package

To Move or Not to Move?

The debate to sell or upgrade has been an issue for many years.

Let’s assume you purchased or remodeled your current home within the past 10 years..its undoubted outdated.

The dilemma: In order to take advantage of the technological advances we’ve seen over the recent years including smart appliances, solar, smart devices, and alternative energy & storage solutions, and many more, you’d need to relocate to a newer or recently remodeled home, which includes a stressful process of looking for a home in the same zip or area code, especially if you have children that you’d prefer stay in a particular school district.

Then you have to prepare your current home for sale!

Now you find out that in order to sell your home, you’ll have to spend $10,000+ to make it more appealing to discerning buyers who are as picky as you are!

Then you calculate that you’ll need the money from the sale in order to qualify for the next purchase (which is much harder to qualify for as opposed to a refinance). This process has discouraged sellers from moving altogether.

The alternative is to hire a savvy, tech forward contractor and design team whose specialty is to make key recommendations to create your custom dream home experience that turns you bathroom into a top-of-the-line personal spa worthy of stimulating all of your senses, kitchens that make utterly spoils the cook of the house and builds a personal connection with our appliances never before experienced, even having mobile control through the use of innovative apps.

Contact us below for a free consultation.

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