Upgrading to Smart Tech is an Intelligent Decision.

Signature Smart Home Consulting specializes in helping homeowners experience their homes, not just live in them, by recommending and installing today’s most innovative tech upgrades in every area of your home.

Simply upgrading locks, appliances, lights, thermostats, and solar, then automating those devices are a quick upgrade that can be a weekend project.

Spring is a historic time to renovate your home including bathroom, master bedroom and kitchen upgrades, let us design a custom upgrade that includes the latest tech, programmed to automate and simplify your life.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a fancy device called Alexa? Well it has a million applications and can learn thousands of skills like my favorite “Alexa, connect to my cell phone” Using a device called the Amazon Echo, I now have a high-quality speaker that I use to listen to Apple Music for example.

Amazon Echo

Using the Alexa application, you can login with your Amazon account and control everything that Alexa can do, and the devices that you’d like to program and control.

I’ve taught the kids the use it, and they like to use the built in search feature to search for music:

Alexa, Play “Thank You Next”

It thinks for a second, then says:

“Now playing “Thank You Next”

by Ariana Grande”

You can program Alexa to control your new upgrades like: thermostats, dimmer lights, security camera, audio/video players, smart tv’s, smart windows and many more.

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