As Fire Season Approaches, It’s a Smart Choice for Homes to Use Steel Frame Designs.

It’s imperative to consider using an alternative to wood, knowing that we’ve had a strange weather season, and with the unpredictable wind patterns that create conditions that are perfect for fires, let’s play offense as well as defense.

Introducing High-Performance Steel Framing Technologies

Safer: Steel will not feed a fire, and provides significantly better protection in areas prone to natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Stronger: Steel has 3 times the strength to weight ratio of wood, these structures don’t require the sheathing for shear strength. A steel frame for a 3,000 SF home will typically weigh under 12 tons.

Straighter: Every dimension of the structure will be accurate within 1/2 mm from approved drawings.

Faster: 90% of the process is completed off-site before the materials reach the job site, it takes 25% of the time compared to wood or concrete, it ay the 6 weeks to frame with wood, it could take 6 days to frame with our steel product.

Healthier: Steel is bug proof and cannot absorb moisture, so it will not rot or grow mold. Steel doesn’t generate off-gassing and doesn’t require toxic chemicals to protect it.

Sustainable: Waste is reduced to less than 1% and job sites are kept clean from sawdust, steel is also the most recycled material on the planet.

Happy homeowner on the news talking about his steel framed home!

With the use of 3D technology, virtually eliminates human error by modeling and printing precise steel structures that can be simple to assemble.

We can take any architectural design for a wood structure and directly substitute steel for wood. Also, we have virtually no limitations with combining steel with other building materials. 


Private / Discreet Consultation

We scope out the project, We present a conceptual design, once approved, we will prepare a detailed design with engineering plan, our manufacturers which includes: Experts in both construction and energy industries.

Design & Engineering

The entire structure is built in a virtual 3D space. With this process, we can identify structural or design challenges and issues in advance, before they occur at the job site. 

Manufacturing & Panelization

The structures are panelized into wall frames, floor joints and roof trusses at super speeds in a controlled environment, then shipped and packed for maximum onsite assembly.

Onsite Construction Process

Once the panels are delivered to the job site and assembled by our crews, they accurate within .5mm or 1/64 inch tolerance. 

With no design restrictions, a builder can be confident with using our products. We can also serve as other solutions: 

  • Mid-Rise & Multi-use Apartments & Commercial buildings
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Offices 
  • Government & Healthcare
  • Warehouses / Industrial
  • High-Rise Deflection Track Infill 

Contact us today to get started

Financing Option

  • California: Urban Areas Only. Other States are available on a case-by-case basis.
  • 7-day closing
  • Interest Rates Start at 8% for 60% LTV or lower in major metropolitan areas
  • SFR’s, Multi-Family and other income-producing properties
  • True LTV of 75% or less
  • No recourse loans available
  • High loan-to-cost construction and rehab loans

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