Custom Home Designs

Starter Home & ADU’s

We can place a 280 SF studio in your parent’s backyard, or build a 1,000 SF 2 bedroom starter home or large ADU. We can use the same technology to construct apartment buildings and multi-family.

Propietary technology hasn’t been made publicly available yet!

  • Zero waste construction
  • Floor plan modifications and customizations comes with no extra cost
  • All dangerous operations are automated

There is a shortage of homes in California, 3.5 million homes will be needed, with room for 700,000 to be built. Millennials have been priced out of many areas, home ownership descreased as a result of rising prices.

These builders have identified a growing population in California – asset limit, income constrained but employed group that can’t afford tradtional housing.

Unfortunately the trend in construction residential has been to build bigger and less affordable homes.

Backyard Studio Designs are the New Housing Solution and Opportunity!

Studio Base Price $100,000

78% of construction workers left the industry in 2008 and never returned, leaving a void in the industry that won’t get filled by Millennials who don’t find construction work suitable or interesting.



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