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Completed Commercial Addition and installed an Elevator!

This job was an 8,000 SF commercial addition, we installed a new roof, plumbing, ELEVATOR, new lobby /reception, Exterior stucco & brickwork

Canon St San Diego Remodel

The rooftop deck was integrated into the house to face the harbor and downtown San Diego.

Scope: Completed a complete gut remodel of the existing house and opened it up, used to have 8ft ceilings, now has 12-20 ft ceilings! Very airy!

We also completed FULL plumbing, heating and electrical upgrades!

Custom Home Construction

In San Diego, we’ve worked on many new construction homes in Spring Valley and throughout the coastal area, including La Jolla and Bay Park. You’ll find below pictures from our jobs in:

  • San Diego
  • Jamul
  • Imperial Beach
  • Spring Valley
  • Bay Park

Greg Wilson 19 yrs experience 


Larry Murolo 40 yrs experience

As Fire Season Approaches, It’s a Smart Choice for Homes to Use Steel Frame Designs.

It’s imperative to consider using an alternative to wood, knowing that we’ve had a strange weather season, and with the unpredictable wind patterns that create conditions that are perfect for fires, let’s play offense as well as defense.

Introducing High-Performance Steel Framing Technologies

Safer: Steel will not feed a fire, and provides significantly better protection in areas prone to natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Stronger: Steel has 3 times the strength to weight ratio of wood, these structures don’t require the sheathing for shear strength. A steel frame for a 3,000 SF home will typically weigh under 12 tons.

Straighter: Every dimension of the structure will be accurate within 1/2 mm from approved drawings.

Faster: 90% of the process is completed off-site before the materials reach the job site, it takes 25% of the time compared to wood or concrete, it ay the 6 weeks to frame with wood, it could take 6 days to frame with our steel product.

Healthier: Steel is bug proof and cannot absorb moisture, so it will not rot or grow mold. Steel doesn’t generate off-gassing and doesn’t require toxic chemicals to protect it.

Sustainable: Waste is reduced to less than 1% and job sites are kept clean from sawdust, steel is also the most recycled material on the planet.

Happy homeowner on the news talking about his steel framed home!

With the use of 3D technology, virtually eliminates human error by modeling and printing precise steel structures that can be simple to assemble.

We can take any architectural design for a wood structure and directly substitute steel for wood. Also, we have virtually no limitations with combining steel with other building materials. 


Private / Discreet Consultation

We scope out the project, We present a conceptual design, once approved, we will prepare a detailed design with engineering plan, our manufacturers which includes: Experts in both construction and energy industries.

Design & Engineering

The entire structure is built in a virtual 3D space. With this process, we can identify structural or design challenges and issues in advance, before they occur at the job site. 

Manufacturing & Panelization

The structures are panelized into wall frames, floor joints and roof trusses at super speeds in a controlled environment, then shipped and packed for maximum onsite assembly.

Onsite Construction Process

Once the panels are delivered to the job site and assembled by our crews, they accurate within .5mm or 1/64 inch tolerance. 

With no design restrictions, a builder can be confident with using our products. We can also serve as other solutions: 

  • Mid-Rise & Multi-use Apartments & Commercial buildings
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Offices 
  • Government & Healthcare
  • Warehouses / Industrial
  • High-Rise Deflection Track Infill 

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Financing Option

  • California: Urban Areas Only. Other States are available on a case-by-case basis.
  • 7-day closing
  • Interest Rates Start at 8% for 60% LTV or lower in major metropolitan areas
  • SFR’s, Multi-Family and other income-producing properties
  • True LTV of 75% or less
  • No recourse loans available
  • High loan-to-cost construction and rehab loans

Upgrading to Smart Tech is an Intelligent Decision.

Signature Smart Home Consulting specializes in helping homeowners experience their homes, not just live in them, by recommending and installing today’s most innovative tech upgrades in every area of your home.

Simply upgrading locks, appliances, lights, thermostats, and solar, then automating those devices are a quick upgrade that can be a weekend project.

Spring is a historic time to renovate your home including bathroom, master bedroom and kitchen upgrades, let us design a custom upgrade that includes the latest tech, programmed to automate and simplify your life.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a fancy device called Alexa? Well it has a million applications and can learn thousands of skills like my favorite “Alexa, connect to my cell phone” Using a device called the Amazon Echo, I now have a high-quality speaker that I use to listen to Apple Music for example.

Amazon Echo

Using the Alexa application, you can login with your Amazon account and control everything that Alexa can do, and the devices that you’d like to program and control.

I’ve taught the kids the use it, and they like to use the built in search feature to search for music:

Alexa, Play “Thank You Next”

It thinks for a second, then says:

“Now playing “Thank You Next”

by Ariana Grande”

You can program Alexa to control your new upgrades like: thermostats, dimmer lights, security camera, audio/video players, smart tv’s, smart windows and many more.

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Smart Products Blog

August Smart Locks

  • Smart Locks works with Alexa for voice control
  • Speak to lock your door
  • Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant  can control the locks
  • Grant access to anyone for any amount of time
  • Will track activity at your doorstep 24/7
  • Attaches to your existing deadbolt.
  • Locks automatically behind you, unlocks as you approach.

Lutron Dimmer Lights

  • Wireless dimmers & switches Control your lights and temperature from anywhere.
  • Works with Google Assistant for hands-free control. Even ask if you’ve left on any lights in your home.
  • Automation with Samsung Smart Things app
  • Combined & synced with Nest  Cam can detect a person when you’re away, your lights automatically come on and makes it look like you are home.

Ecobee Thermostat

  • Thermostat with Sensor Wi-fi
  • 2nd Generation
  • Works with Alexa
  • Really smart tech
  • Can detect when to turn on heating or cooling equipment
  • Senses whether someone is in the home and acts based on many data points.
  • Lowers your energy bill

Jawbone Wristband

  • Wearable Wristband
  • Integrates with SmartThings app so when you wake up it will turn on the downstairs lights and start brewing coffee.
  • Personal Assistant


  • Wally will monitor water leaks, temperature & humidity.
  • Installed on the water main – shutoff valve automatically turns off during a leak. 

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

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  • Protects against against smoke and carbon monoxide.
  • Send alert to your phone if any sensors go off.
  • Can detect its battery level
  • Can test and detect status of sensors.
  • Connect multiple devices and one will go off if any sensors detect smoke or carbon monoxide.
  • Can be hardwired or battery operated
  • Compatible with both iOS and android.Can be programmed to shut-off your HVAC system in an an emergency!

Amazon Echo

  • You can ask it questions and it’ll find the info.
  • Great to find a certain song or fun fact.
  • “What’s the weather like today?” 
  • “How long is the movie Madagascar, where can I stream it?”

WeMo Wi-fi outlet

  • Wi-fi Connected electrical outlet.
  • Great for controlling the humidifier in a child’s bedroom – you can turn it on and off with your phone 
  • Use with other appliances like a curling iron or coffeemaker.


  • Wireless charging everywhere!
  • Wireless Charging Technology.
  • Fast charging capabilities
  • Charges phones, vehicles
  • Wet environments are safe
  • On-demand charging for your family. 

Integrate Wireless Charging into Furniture!

  • Build into kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, bedrooms.
  • These are standard and compliant with all devices.
  • Easy to clean
  • First No drill changing spots
  • Mount the charging spot or integrate under a surface.

Samsung Connect Smart Hub