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  • Beat Price Guarantee – we’ve beat 100% of supplied quotes since 2014
  • Industry Best Quality/Specifications – ½” plywood throughout, solid wood/dovetail drawer boxes, full extension/undermount soft close drawers, 6-way European soft-close hinges and more
  • Free 3D Designs – personalized for all contractors and builders
  • Selection & Stocked Inventory – 19 styles/colors to choose from.
  • Delivery Timelines – all orders pick & ship in 3-days, estimate another 1-5 days for delivery

19 Styles / Colors – 12 framed & 7 frameless options

Framed Cabinets

Price – $1813 – 10′ X 10′ Kitchen

Frameless Cabinets

Priced between $1695 – $1995 for 10′ X 10′ Kitchen

To Get Started :

  • Take 4 pictures of your kitchen, Wall 1,2,3,4. Save each picture as Wall 1, Wall 2, Wall 3, Wall 4.
  • Measure entire wall lengths, no matter is a door, cabinet or appliance or window is there.
  • Complete the window/doorway dimensions; including the trim on both.
  • What are the appliance measurements?
  • Miscellaneous?
  • Provide a sketch. Its important to note the distance from corner to any window or door, then measure other side of window or door to end of wall/cabinet location. Also, include floor to window height.


  • Q: How accurate do my measurements need to be?
  • A: Very, 1” could result in wrong cabinets being ordered, delivered, and not fitting in your space. This is the customer’s responsibility.
  • Q: I like the drawing and have selected the cabinet style I want, now what?
  • A: We will send a disclaimer for the drawing and material list that you will sign off on. Damage or missing items will be replaced at no charge. If wanting to return any of the items for other reasons than the above mentioned, there is a 20% re-stocking fee and you’re responsible for the return shipping. Any damages in the return will not receive credit.
  • Q: Do I only measure the window and door or do I include the trim in the measurement?
  • A: Include the trim on windows and door measurements.
  • Q: How do I note I have a wall mounted oven that uses a gas or electric line?
  • A: We need the exact feet and inches from a corner wall and height from floor that it comes through the wall.
  • Q: How do I sketch a countertop that ends needs near another wall or appliance?
  • A: Include in drawing and note the amount of “open” distance between wall/appliance and the countertop.
  • Q: Our door opens/swings into the kitchen area, how do I note this?
  • A: Not only do you need to sketch each door in or near the kitchen, you need to identify which way it opens. If into the kitchen our designers will note this and the provided pictures you give us will identify this already.
  • Q: We currently have (or want to include) an island in our kitchen, how do I sketch this?
  • A: We need you to not only sketch the dimensions of the base cabinets but include the countertop dimensions. This is critical to determine if select drawers/doors can open if space is limited. Additionally we need to know the exact distance from a wall (note which wall measuring from) if any water, disposal or if other “lines” come out of the floor.

Additional Notes:

  • If you are putting in new appliances, make sure to note the height, width, and depth, of any new stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators ready at the time of design. If you will be getting new services such as a water line for an icemaker, or under cabinet outlets or water filters, wine racks, or garbage disposal, please indicate this as well during the design phase.

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