Smart Bathroom Upgrades

The Ultimate Home-Spa Experience 

  • Sound Vibration technology soothes and calms.
  • Syncs with Bluetooth-Enabled devices.
  • Touchscreen control panel.
  • You body will be massaged and caressed by 122 air-jets.
  • With 18 levels of adjustments, you control the experience!
  • You can choose to focus on certain areas such as your back, midsection or feet.
  • Choose a different color scheme depending on your mood with chromotherapy.
  • With 3 settings you choose how to enjoy warm sensations on your back, shoulders and neck.
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Rain Shower Head Panels  3 Spray Zones w/Push of a Button

Lights, Steam, Music, Body Sprays
Let us help You Design your Dream Bathroom
14 Language Options
Recreate a summer rainstorm in your home using the rain panel which causes the water to fall and imitate real rain drops.

SmartRain Spray: Slowly builds in intensity, simulating a real summer rain!

Rain Spray: Soft delicate spray pattern soothing for stress relief.

Jet Spray: Perfect for washing & rinsing hair.

The surface never feels hot.

Speed Clean: Integrated Anti-Lime System

Built-in Full Spectrum LED

Has a rain-free zone to keep your face dry for easy breathing.

Recreate a summer rainstorm in your home!

  • Soft light with changing rainbow colors.
  • Perfect spray pattern
  • Chrome finish
  • Speed clean – anti-lime system
  • Instantaneous heating capable

Bathroom DTV+ Digital Interface

  • Easy to Read Digital Touchscreen
  • Two different Digital Valves to Provide Different Shower Temperatures.
  • Easy to Clean
  • 6 User Pre-sets to store Favorite Settings.
  • Connect up to 3 interfaces per System.
  • Add an Amplifier & Speakers for the Ultimate Master Suite Experience
  • Controls Steam Generator
  • Controls Ambient Mood Lighting
  • No More Knobs and Levers! 
  • Control your Entire Shower Experience! 
  • Combining Water, Sound, Steam and Light to Simulate a Spa-Like Hydrotherapy.
  • Controls Rain heads, Body Sprays, Music Speakers, Steam and Chromotherapy.

Steam Generator

  • Within one minute of pressing the power button, you can generate continuous steam that invigorates, detoxifies, energizes and refreshes your body! Much better than the traditional shower experience.
  • For every 20 minute session (auto shut-off) 
  • Uses a gallon of water; a fraction of what traditional showers use.
  • Has auto power clean feature for easy maintenance. 

VibrAcoustic Bathtub with Chromo-Therapy

  • Comes in 10 colors, uses sound vibration technology to calm and relax you! 6 hide speakers will play compositions, podcasts, news updates etc. and sends sounds waves throughout your body to massage you.
  • Use Bluetooth to sync to your computer, mobile or tablet up to 33 ft away.4 built in calming instrumental compositions offered for different moods

Additional  Options: 

  • Soaking bath w/heated surface
  • BubbleMassage air bath, with or without chromotherapy, adding heated surface with VibrAcoustic
  • Whirlpool with BubbleMassage air bath

Features high resolution touchscreen to make adjustments. You can control the volume in or out of the water.

When filled with water – Spa tub functions as hydrotherapy bath or a high-end stereo system for your bathroom & bedroom.

Numi Toilet

  • One piece elongated dual-flush smart toilet with remote! 
  • Features include: ambient light, Bluetooth music sync with heated head & foot warmers.
  • play or stream your favorites with an SD card or auxiliary cord. Energy efficient.
  • Very Fancy, high end toilet! 
  • Chair height so it’s easy to sit down & get up. 
  • Hands free open/close
  • Motion detector 
  • Dual-flush offers option to flush 0.6 or 1.28 gallons of water per flush.
  • Features a self cleaning wand, air dryer and filter to deodorize the toilet with the push of a button.
  • 8 colors of ambient lighting and 3 programming modes.