Shipping Container Homes

Pre-designed Floor Plans Available

3 Bedroom – 2 baths, 1280 SF

Takes 30-60 days for construction, using 4 containers.

Floor Plan

2 bedroom – 640-960 SF

2 beds and 2 baths, using 2 containers, takes 30-60 days for construction.

1 bedroom – 340 SF

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, using a single 40 ft container, takes 30-60 days for construction.

Studio – 160 SF

Takes 30-60 days to construct, using a single 20 ft container

We can Design Custom Container Homes!

Bring your imagination!

We’ve contacted certain planning departments that allow container homes as an acceptable building material.

Convert Your Mobile Home Park to Containers!

We are working with various mobile home park owners who are using our services to replace their old and weathered mobile homes with durable, steel shipping container homes that will stand up to the elements and can be customized to look stunning.

If you own an older mobile home, consider replacing it with a container home!

We are currently offering these services nationwide, with concentration in Florida and California.

Consider buying a vacant plot of land, or finished lots and building multiple units as an investment play.

Standard Finishes

Solar – The solar panels offer off-grid and independent living that is eco-friendly and self-sustaining.

Water System -Designed an on-board water system that operates off-grid or can connect to a public utility.

Flooring Options – The flooring options are luxurious looking and durable enough to resist mold and leaks.

Exteriors – Modern exterior finishes give the aesthetic that’s very attractive to new homeowners

Kitchen – Kitchen materials chosen are high quality and visually appealing.

A/C – High-powered and energy efficient A/C systems come standard with these homes.

Contact us for Free Consultation!

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