Smart Glass For Windows

Wi-fi connected surfaces with environmental sensors that can read room occupancy, weather and sunlight.

It automatically adjusts to let in solar heat or shade it. Could cut 20% off your energy costs.

Smart Film: Also known as digital shade, fits over existing wall surfaces to retrofit your windows with wifi-enabled tint technology.

Manage settings on an app on your smartphone.

Smart Glass: Perfect for the Home or Office

Glass can switch from transparent to opaque by using your phone or device.

These can be self adhesive smart cling.

Invisi-shade smart glass technology can be controlled using a with a mobile device or through a remote control.

Creating custom window treatments & solutions. Let us provide a custom quote & window consultation.

Switchable Glass Technology

  • Easily toggle between clear & frosted at the flick of a switch. It opens up a whole new world to control privacy, light, sun and heat gain.
  • You can use in both indoor and external windows. Affords the ability to go from fully transparent state to complete privacy instantly with the flick of a switch.
  • Can be used in residential or commercial applications, which could include: bedrooms, showers, conference rooms to retail showrooms.
  • Reduces sun glare, heat gain & light
  • Protect against noise pollution. 
  • Protects against forced entry
  • Protects flooring and furniture from sun damage and fading. 
  • No more need to dust window coverings or treatments.
  • The laminate glass panels can seamlessly be positioned side-by-side without need of vertical frames.
  • Can be controlled via remote control or use smartphone for home automation with timers and door locks.
  • Having switchable glass allows you to maximize the use of natural daylight to minimize the need for artificial light.
  • Since it reduces heat gain it creates a more comfortable internal temperature reduce cooling costs.
  • Switchable glass is made of film layers between two pieces of tempered glass.

Easily switch from open & transparent to frosted and private in seconds!

  • You can use these to enhance open walls.
  • Promotes natural views and helps the family feel more connected.
  • Feel free to select portions of the film to be frosted or transparent to change the mood of the room
  • You can even convert a portion of the wall to an HDTV and watch multiple shows/movies at one time.