Solar / Energy Upgrades

LG Solar has compact size with proven safety features that are easy to scale up
and are highly compatible with most inverters
Can feature dual face, bifacial cells for increased energy production.
Let your battery pack store your excess energy to be deployed at a later time.
Perfect for saving on your electric bill & storing the energy for later consumption.
The new systems are powerful enough for commercial applications as well.
Built to be pleasing to the eye, can appear all black from some angles.
Most powerful Smart Battery available to homeowners today 
Harbor Smart Battery
Panasonic Li-ion technology

Tesla Solar Roof

Glass solar tiles with infinite lifetime warranty.
Integrates seamlessly with Power wall battery.

Invisible solar cells, using both glass and solar tile with non-solar tile the product is 3x more stronger!

Tempered Glass, Apply for 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit to offset tax liability, reduces costs of tiles & the Power Wall. The entire roof is not eligible to be covered due to building regulations and obstructions.

Combined with Power wall creates the ultimate off-grid experience! Learn how to maximize the benefits of the energy that your roof can produce.

Charge your battery so you can discharge energy during peak hours!

Shift your energy consumption to avoid paying high energy costs.

Charge your battery so you can discharge energy during peak hours!

Tesla Power Wall
Stores energy from solar panels / graphene batteries

Battery Storage

  • Replaces traditional  generators!
  • Which uses fuel that may not be available in the event of an emergency or power outage!
  • Your Home Battery: Solar Integrates with  a storage unit and provides limited periods of continuous power during an outage.
  • When the grid goes down, solar energy will continue to power your home and charge your storage unit.
  • Low maintenance 
  • Solar & battery storage unit will meet or exceed your energy needs!

Water Reclamation Technology

New technology extracts “water from air” and converts it to pure and fresh drinking water! No water source on this planet is as pure or abundant as water from our own air.

  • Costs are reduced due to the simple design, smaller size and  low pressure operation. Maintains water quality at a given micron level, whereas water filters become less effective until they are cleaned.
  • Saves water by wasting 85% less water than cartridge filters. 
  • They require very little maintenance and are virtually “plug and play” systems that requires inexpensive filter changes every few months.
  • The higher the humidity, the higher the amount of water generated. 
  • Perfect for coastal and beach communities.
“Turn Water from Air” Water Machine!
  • The world is facing a water deficit. It’s an invisible quickly approaching disaster impending as wells go dry.
  • This crisis could eliminate our rural industry and ability to grow food to live on this earth. 
  • The world’s demand on water is expected to increase 56% by 2025. The aquifers can’t replenish themselves fast enough.
  • The constant over-pumping of wells into our valuable aquifers are eroding the water table. 
  • Bottled water’s are becoming banned due to pollution & host of different microorganisms and chemicals found in bottled water that has lead to death.
  • Use this technology to have the freshest, cleanest and purest drinking water directly from the air we breathe.
  • Make from 30-5,000 liters per day
  • Can be located in remote areas and powered by solar.
  • No plumbing, pipes or cables needed.
  • Can be plugged into standard electrical outlet.
  • No more buying and storing water bottles! Reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating delivery of bottle waters worldwide.
  • Home/Office can easily make 15,30 up to 100 liters per day. Plug and Play.

Let’s do our part to protect the Earth and stop the literal draining of the Earth’s resources that will eventually affect the next generation.

Solar Water Heating Panels

  • Literally grabbing energy out of the sky to cut your utility bills!
  • Affordable, efficient, durable and low maintenance. 
  • Hot water will never run out
  • Live off-grid!
  • Financing options available.
  • Increases the value of your home.

If you live in a sunny place like Los Angeles you will be able to generate up to 90% of your annual heating needs

Great investment, Normally pays for itself, these systems can withstand hurricanes!

Solar Thermal Technology

  • Clean energy system to provide electrical power.
  • Capability to operate a home for longer periods of time via solar energy, off-grid or on-grid.