Wi-fi Connected Smart Mirrors and TV’s

Smart Mirror/Glass – Can be a TV when you want it to be, otherwise it’ll vanish!
Speak to your Mirror because it has Alexa preloaded!
Elegant, Classy and Smart as can be!
Never miss a show, or an email!
TV Screen / Smart Mirror mounted in the Kitchen
Brings a stunning feature to your home!
Folds down and hides under the cabinet.
Fully customizable & personal.
Vertical lighting strips provide natural simulated experiences that can be preset.
Comes with Google Assistant installed, just ask & it will answer!
Touchscreen, Waterproof TV, complete with all the apps and Wifi connected!
Shower with confidence with this TV in the bathroom !
Connect your smart devices, talk to your mirror, check your stocks and more!
Fancy framed HD TVs, wifi connected!
From 60″-110″ 4K Ultra HD resolution
With the included stand, this high-end TV compliments any space.
Versatile & Theater quality picture & sound!